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Since 1856 Viridian have been supplying glass products. In that time, they helped shape the way Australians think about glass, from being just a functional building product to something that adds value to our homes and our lives. 

Today, Viridian Glass is the largest glass processor in Australia. They continue their passion for glass by leading the industry for quality and innovation – supporting their customers and the wider community in accessing and understanding the benefits of choosing better glass for our homes and buildings. 


Natural ventilation is important for any indoor environment. It helps keep the air we breathe clean and fresh whilst maintaining a connection to Mother Nature. It also reduces our energy bills too!

Louvre Windows have changed significantly since the late 1930’s, and they are still a practical and stylish window choice. The unique design of a Breezway Altair® Louvre Window opens twice as wide as other window types to offer maximum ventilation to naturally cool a living or working space without the need for artificial air conditioning systems.

This is an environmentally sustainable solution to help improve the health of people and the planet, for years to come.

Breezes can be captured by Altair® Louvre Windows no matter which direction the wind is blowing, and seal tight to offer protection from the elements, even in cyclonic conditions. They’re versatile, noncorrosive, and totally customisable!

Centor® Screens

Stylish retractable screens and blinds up to 9 metres wide

Centor’s award-winning retractable screens and blinds are the perfect complement to patio, bifold, sliding, French and traditional doors and windows.

Let Centor’s award-winning screens and blinds help you control insects and light with clean and minimal aesthetics

Centor screens and blinds are made to your specification so they fit perfectly into your home:

  • Easy access with fingertip control makes opening and closing ‘child’s play’
  • Screens are 100% effective against flying bugs and insects
  • Reduce glare and sunlight, even providing a total no-leak blockout if required
  • Look fantastic year after year by using high-quality fade-resistant materials
  • Can be configured for single or combination use
  • Build into your new door frame or retrofit options available
  • Can be fitted internally or externally

Pivotech Shower Screens

Pivotech shower screens set the standard for style, quality and value.

Pivotech strives to develop new products and stay ahead of trends in home and bathroom design to ensure Pivotech showers offer fashion and function. Manufactured from the highest quality materials. Pivotech systems deliver an investment in quality.

Pivotech shower enclosures are designed to be versatile and accommodate the layout of every room. Our Framed, Semi-Frameless and Frameless shower screens will be sure to make a difference in your bathroom.

Secureview Security Screen Doors

Secureview security screen doors and window security screens are made from high quality materials to provide safety and security with style. Our design features clean lines and a wide colour range for seamless integration with your home. Our industry leading security doors and protection screens provide peace of mind, without sacrificing your lifestyle.

We use 316 marine grade stainless steel perfect for coastal areas, also which is known for its higher corrosion resistant performance over 304 stainless steel, to provide superior strength and durability to our SecureView security doors and window security screens.

Outback Frameless Doors

Outback Doors specialises in frameless glass bifolding door systems, meticulously certified to meet AS2047 standards for water penetration resistance. These doors blend aesthetic appeal with functionality, creating a seamless and open atmosphere in various spaces. With their headquarters in Brisbane, Outback Doors Pty Ltd not only supplies but also expertly installs these cutting-edge frameless bifolding and sliding door systems. Their extensive range of frameless glass inclusions spans bifolding and sliding door systems to innovative switchable glass.

Committed to upholding high-quality standards, Outback Doors ensures full compliance with Australian regulations. 

Doric Rollers

Doric has a long history of pioneering and innovating many aspects of what the industry sees as standard today. With a strong focus on R&D and a global reach, Doric has been able to provide the highest level of design, testing, service and delivery standards.

Queensland Sashless Windows

Queensland Sashless Windows specialises in sashless window solutions across Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With over 30 years of experience, they provide sales, installation, and servicing of sashless and frameless windows. Aneeta Sashless Windows, known for their luxury appeal and unobstructed views, are preferred by architects, designers, and homeowners. 

CiiLOCK Engineering

CiiLOCK ENGINEERING specializes in providing unique hardware solutions for various projects, addressing specific needs. Providing tailored hardware solutions, including door components like the CII-SX model for glass doors with a dual nylon roller carriage. The company’s focus is on addressing the individual needs of diverse projects.

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