Centor Screens

Elevate your lifestyle

There’s no denying bi-folds and other large doors transform your home, and when planning a renovation or new build it’s easy to be distracted organising these feature doors — but have you thought about what you will do when you need a little privacy? Or how you’ll manage sun glare… or control insects?

Centor’s award-winning retractable Screen & Shade Systems take care of all that. Furthermore, their unique products are built into the wall, meaning they’re hidden until you need them.

Fingertip operation
Screens glide smoothly thanks to 1000s of hours of R&D and patented technology.

Pair Centor screens and blinds with folding, French or sliding doors and windows.

Screens and blinds are there when needed while remaining hidden when not.

Reduce cooling needs
Screens allow breezes while shades reduce heat

Custom colours
Choose from many options for shades & frame colours

Made to order
Custom-made to your specific requirements