Pelican Waters Residence

Overlooking the stunning Pelican Waters on QLD’s sunshine coast, “The Pod” is an outstanding resort style home featuring a pavilion style layout where tropical landscapes, natural light and ventilation provide year round comfort and a seamless connection to the local environment.

Featuring 18 x Vantage Magnum sliding doors, including an 8m x 4m corner stacking door, raked windows to compliment the unique curved roof profile and an abundance of louvre galleries throughout, the end result is a statement and a jewel in the crown for Coast and Hinterland Glass and Aluminium.

The Vantage 618 Magnum Sliding Doors feature stainless steel ICON hardware for a beautiful, long lasting finish. Each door was hand tooled and inspected to ensure a refined finish. However, fabricating 18, high quality units within the lead time also required expert quality control and production management and a full commitment from everyone in our team.

The curved and raked windows of The Pod required complex templating to ensure production accuracy and compliance with the performance requirements. The water facing window rake consisted of 5 x radiuses within the 1 roof curve. This made the fabrication process time consuming and high attention to detail was required.

Complimenting the large glass facades, privacy from the waterway and adjacent homes is achieved through the use of a grey tinted glass which also manages Solar heat gain in the warmer months.

The window and door schedule was designed to deliver a resort style home for this waterfront property and the finished result, definitely meets this brief. The combination of sliders, corner stackers, louvres and fixed lights maximise natural light, ventilation and regulate seasonal temperature variation making it a stunning home to live in year round.

Jon Mees Homes
Christopher Design Group
Pelican Waters, Caloundra
December 2019
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Glass doors and windows
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Shower screens
Bathroom - the pod
Glass doors and windows
Bathroom- the pod