The latest home renovation trends you need to know

Minimalism and sustainability seem to be hot topics for 2020.

The design has to be simple yet classic. Gone are the days where you would see a lot of clutter and fuss happening in a house. If you want to remodel your home, any of the following ideas can be worth a try.

Have more open space

Homeowners favoured open spaces this year, and it will continue to be a top sought-after trend. Common areas, such as spacious living areas are preferred. If you do not have this yet, it is time to break down those walls.

You can keep your living area, kitchen and dining room all in one open space on the first floor. Just break down the barriers that are separating these and make use of open shelving units, glass doors and windows or even louvres. With these changes, your home will start feeling larger and allow it to become cooler and breezier.

Add plants

The demand to add greenery indoors will continue to rise in 2020 because of the clamour for more sustainable homes with cleaner air.

When adding plants inside your home, try to stick to greens only. It will keep your design more classy and less messy. Plants can enliven spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms.

Change your flooring

If you still have carpeted flooring in your house, then now is the time for you to change that. Carpets are only meant to be used as an accent point in areas where you need it, like your bedroom and bathroom.

An all-wooden floor is a favourite, but it can be a bit expensive. There are other ways to achieve this look, such as wood-style laminates and vinyl. Clean cement-finish floors for a minimalistic look are also an option and loved by younger homeowners and architects.


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